Well, i'm getting roasted on the MP....no pun intended

Wedding Picture in Wildfire


Now, i will fully admit to being biased because before i emt here, EllaFunkGerald's town of Luther, Oklahoma had a massive wildfire come through that left a bunch of her neightbor's home destroyed and came very close to burning her's down. So perhaps that color's my view a bit. But that said, i stand by what i said on the MP and boy oh boy, you would think every single commentor on Jez was related to the couple the way the pile on is going. But i stand by what i said. What do you guys think? I trust your judgement more than the MP. Am i being out of line here? I don't think so. I mean, yes no one's homes had been destroyed when they took the photo. But they had no way to know that. And i get theier trying to make lemons out of lemonadge but come on, you can improvise without being tasteless. And i feel this was tasteless. "Boy honey, it's a good thing all those tress were destroyed and home's burned down and people died so we could get some pretty wedding photos".

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