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Let's talk "Orcs Must Die"

Why i am wanting to talk about a game that's a couple of years old? Because i enjoy being always right behind whatever the current trend is and because it's fun as fuck. Frankly i'm liking the first one more than the second. But please, for the love of God, someone explain to me why they require you beat a certain time to get 5 skulls but don't tell you what that time is or give any visual indication of the goal needed? I mean, i had runs i thought were great, no orcs get through, go through quick but only get 4 skulls. I finally started researching it and discovered you have the beat the par time in the stats which you can only see when the level is ended. Seems like a bad interface design and not really fair to the player since you have no way to know during the level how you are doing. But aside from that, i love this series, i can't wait for Unchained, and if you want to do some OMD2 co-op my Steam handle is "dyloniusfunk"


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