I'm mad and i don't know why

I've been really angry all day today and i really don't know why.

Maybe it's because it looks like EllaFunksGerald isn't going to get ther child care licensing job she really wants, has been unemployed for two months and is really starting to feel depressed especcially since she is trying on her wedding dress this week and unsure how she'll pay for it, and i feel like i can't do anything for her aside from offering cliches and an occasional hug.


Maybe it's because work today has been shitty. A lot of annoying issues, my team leads gone for most of the morning for interviews and a couple of customer's who were just giving me a lot of attitude.

Maybe it's because i'm not feeling like i'm making any progress on catching up with my credit card debt that i was hoping i would kill off when i moved in with my aunt. Between helping my lovely lady with some bills that she's had issues with due to unemployment, paying off an old loan ( Never use Plain Green Loans, no matter how desperate you are. Trust me on this, you will regret it, they will kill you with interest if you can't pay it all back at once), new meds and a CPAP mask for my sleep apnea, i haven't been able to put as much towards CC's as i was hoping.


Maybe it's because i know i'll have to deal with a lot of dumbass conservative politicsl ads when i get home because i want to sociable and eat dinner with my aunt and we always watch Wheel of Fortune.

Maybe it's because between the Invokana for my diabetis and the new blood pressure meds the new doc prescribed i'm having to......conduct business a lot more often and it's really getting annoying and frusturating.


No matter what it is i'm angry and i don't really want to be. Please post positive stories of what's going on with you or happy fun gifs to remind me the world dosen't completly suck.

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