I think my credit union let thier domain name expire.

So i needed to check my bank balance after i got paid today. I went to the site and this is what i get


Sites like this are placeholders for when the domain name has expired. So being the little nerd i am i went to https://who.is/ to get the domain info.This is what the History section shows me.



The old Registrar data recorded back in 2007 looks good. Has all my banks info, email address etc. But look at the one on the right side. It gives an email address of pendingrenewalsorddeletion@networksolutions.com and a name of pendingrenewalsorddeletion. Info updated on 6/30. So it looks pretty cut and dry. I called hte CU and they said they had an issue and were working on it. I doubt the teller would have understood what i found even if i tried to explain it. Frankly they should hire me as thier IT guy, at least i won't let thier domain name expire.

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