I don't get my work's web filter somethimes.

Where i work, it's pretty laid back. As long as you're not doing anything illegal or would make the agency look bad in the newspaper and might affect our contract with the state, they don't care. They even let you have your own laptops and phones to use in the office on the university wifi. As long as you don't do it while on a call they're cool. But some of thier decisions mystify me. Mostly it's stuff dealing with games. But it's not consistent. So something like Penny Arcade is fine but something like Joystiq or even Kotaku is blocked by the web filter. Even the Wikia for Clash of Clans is blocked. It all falls under the games category. I guess it was set that way to prevent workers from playing Farmville or some other browser game while working but it seems like a bit of overkill especcially since i can access a lot of other blogs without issue.

So i did a test. I tried all the differnet GM blogs to see what response i would get. All of the MP blogs expect Kotaku worked. Due to the # of sub-blogs i was not able to test them all. But just as far as Jex goes i have no issues with GT, PR Kitchenette or ROYGBIV. So as far as i can tell the agency our contract is for as no issues with workers accesisng blogs related to

  • Femenism
  • LGBTGQ issues
  • celebrity gossip
  • Science Fiction
  • cars

Well you get the idea. All of these topics are fine....except for video games.

I honestly don't care what the policy is. I know i'm not going to do anything stupid to risk my job. I just find it funny that of all the topics to lock down looking at while on a work PC, video games is the one they choose to go with. Does anyone else have any stories about odd work policies or rules?

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