Going from fresh fish to established vet at work.

I was wondering how other's have dealt with the transition from being the new guy at your job to having someone new come in and suddenly feeling like the veteran?

We have two new employees here who are going through training. It made me think about it and realize I've been here over 6 months. It didn't feel like that long since there are still a lot of things i don't know and need to work with my bosses from time to time. We have so many systems that it takes time to get used to them all. There was a call earlier where i had to talk to my team lead while he was in training with one of the probies( I love that term, thank you NCIS for that and this)...


Anyway, it felt kind of weird. It wasn't like it was something i knew so i would need to have spoken with him anyway. His training methodology was focus on the core fundamentals of the tech but most of what I've picked up is through experience. So every now and then i still go in from time to time, especially since there are some things that need to be done through an older system we are phasing out and i never got trained on how to use, but he and the other team lead can use it. But the reason i bring this up was that i was wondering what the new hire thought. I was feeling like i should be exuding an aura of confidence from experience but in that moment i was anything but, especially when i had to have him repeat the process a few times to understand it.


What i'm wondering is how others have dealt with that odd time, when you're not completely new but still new-ish but there is a new person who just arrives. Do you just ignore them and focus on your own work? Do you do your best to mentor and foster the new person? Or would you leave that to those who have been there a lot longer than you have. For myself i'm only on a little over six months so there is still a lot i can learn about how to do things here. But i would like to help where i can. Either way, i was wondering how others have gone through that moment.

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