Fellow mobile gamers, help me resist the lure of the in app purchase

Back at the end of May i posted a rant about what i felt were bullshit mechanics in a mobile strategy game called Boom Beach.


Well i had the patience to get through that part without spending money. But lo, and behold, what do i see? Now i need iron. And so i'm back to where i was, where farming gets you so little it's hardly worth it. I sorely tempted to just drop $20 when i get paid to get 2500 diamond and be done with this. Of course like the stone once i get my base to the next lelver i get an iron mine so i won't have an issue farming it. But for now it's 40-100 per base. And i still need 4k to get enough to upgrade. For 300 diamonds i could be done. But that requires cash. And i really don't want to spend cash. Fellow mobile gamers, please talk me off the cliff. Remind me why spending on in app purchases is a bad thing.

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